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Judith T Krauthamer, fine art

Miniatures are experiments in attitude, color, and detail. My paintings are typically 3.75 x 3.25 inches and 3.25 x 2.25 inches. They are presented as a single painting or in a montage of 2-4 paintings. Paintings are drawn with oil-based pens on translucent, opaque or clear plastic and painted with oil based ink, alcohol ink and gouache.


Gourds provide a unique application of marrying organic material with ink and paint. The gourd itself-- birdhouse, canteen, kettle and snake—provides the form. My work is to find the sculpture’s function, incorporating burning and painting techniques, and embellishments.

lily pond vase.jpg
3 Soaring Front.jpg

David C Knipfer, fine woodworker


I am the old-style hand-craftsman that many think no longer exist. Each item is given the greatest care in design, hand built and finished with my hands. My goal is to create distinctive wood treasures by merging creative design, premium hardwoods and patient handwork.


There are no automated machines in my shop. All of my work is designed and built to survive generations.  Everything I make is finished with hand rubbed natural oils which allows you to feel and see the natural texture and colors of the wood. Lifetime maintenance is an occasional buffing with a clean rag.


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