Wall Mounted


4 inches wide

22 inches long



5 inches wide

26 inches long




Queen's Tea

7 inches high

18 inches long


Self Standing

Lily Ponds

6 inches wide

15 inches tall


Mother and Child

6 inches wide

18 inches tall



with amethyst, green fluorite, quartz crystal

10  inches high

24 inches long



with amythest, quartz crystal, obsidian (Apache tear),

petrified wood

9 inches high

30 inches long



with meal necklace

8 inches wide

23 inches tall



7 inches wide

25 inches tall


If you are interested in learning more about a piece or wish to make a purchase, please contact us for paypal instructions, shipping costs, and any additional information you might have about a work. We look forward to our conversation.

All works from both studios are available for purchase. Payment is accepted through paypal.

Boxes can be made on consignment. Please note that shipping costs are additional.

For inquiries  please contact us.

K and K Studios

Ellicott City, MD USA